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What is Customer Relationship Management System

We are a CRM service provider that helps you engage with customers through multiple channels such as email, phone, chat conversations and social media to track and resolve impending issues instantly. The main goal of CRM is to integrate and automate sales, marketing, and customer support. The system provides front-end staff with useful information about customers’ purchase histories, concerns, and preferences. Dedicated Senseplugin programmers (CRM service providers) are able to provide various novel CRM solutions and also help clients with various business backgrounds to implement customer relationship management services like Zoho, Vtiger, Odoo, Salesforce, etc. The solution helps you automate your business to give you the best results, including more sales, higher customer satisfaction, and better marketing ROI.


Benefits of CRM
● Connect your entire team from any device.
● Intelligent capture of customer emails.
● Simplify repetitive tasks so you can focus on your prospects.
● Provide instant insights and recommendations.
● Scale and adapt as your business grows.
● Proactively track and manage customer information.

Minimum features to start.

1. Home
1.1. Logo
2. Sign up/Login
2.1. Email
2.2. Phone
2.3. Social Media like Fb, LinkedIn, Google
3. Customers management
4. Account management
5. Sales forecasting
6. Sales force automation
7. Sales Analytics
8. Problem management
9. Lead/opportunity management
10. Production management
11. Sales performance management
12. Reports/surveys
13. Email client integration
14. Footer
i. Terms of service
ii. Privacy policy
iii. Chat integration
iv. Web analytics integration
v. Social media integration


Admin features:
1. User management
2. Maintain customer relationships
3. Maintain the accounts
4. Sales report generation and analysis
5. Performance analysis

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