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Joomla is a potent open-source content management system (CMS) that is well known for producing highly customizable functioning websites, online apps, and effectively managing the complexity of large-scale projects. Dedicated Joomla developers from Senseplugin (a Joomla development business) are always a perfect match for what you need, whether you need simple Joomla website development services, complex Joomla CMS development, or those of a corporate or standard website. The Joomla development services in advance in terms of technicality & features you require for your web presence in today competitive market.


  • User Manager − It allows managing the user information such as permission to edit, access, publish, create or delete the user, change the password and languages.
  • Content Manager − It allows managing the content using WYSIWYG editor to create or edit the content in a very simple way.
  • Banner Manager − It is used to add or edit the banners on the website.
  • Template Manager − It manages the designs that are used on the website. The templates can be implemented without changing the content structure within a few seconds.
  • Media Manager − It is the tool for managing the media files and folder in which you can easily upload, organize and manage your media files into your article editor tool.
  • Contact Manager − It allows us to add contacts, managing the contact information of the particular users.
  • Web Link Manager − The linked resource is provided for the user of the site and can be sorted into categories.
  • Search − It allows users to search for the appropriate information on the site. You can use smart indexing, advanced search options, auto suggests searches to make Joomla search best.
  • Menu Manager − It allows the creation of menus and menu items and can be managed subsequently. You can put the menu in any style and multiple places.
  • RSS − It stands for Really Simple syndication which helps your site contents and RSS files to be automatically updated.

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